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The Bilice Resort

The history of the built town is the history of location. One can say that a possible study of the town is of its locations. But to do so, one must observe what things are in what places. The construction of the town enviroment is a cultural problem, taking culture in the broadest sense of the word - that is the focus of intervention for economy, art, architecture, tourism, etc.

In advanced culture the ultimate aim is the increased quality of life of the individual, seen as an independent entity that participates in a collective.

People are concerned about having culture centres, open areas, sport centres, transportation lines near their home. What they like is a sprawl with a cultural content, well conected and with easy access to the natural milieu. For this to happen, the dwellings, be this individual or collective, must be connected to an urban centre with sufficient critical mass to provide for stimulating cultural activities.

It can be all offered to you.

Welcome to the Bilice Resort.

The Bilice Resort complex is embedded in one of the most beautiful locations in Croatia. Tucked away in its own little paradise, the Bilice resort is only a few minutes from major cities: Skradin, Šibenik, Vodice, national parks Krka falls and Kornati islands.

It is accessible by different means of transportation. By the land and by the sea.


The Bilice Resort is positioned by the Prokljan Lake, the product of Krka River outflowing into the Adriatic Sea. It is known for its flora and fauna diversity, apart from the common natural habitat of Dalmatia. Because of this fusion of salted and fresh water, Prokljan Lake gives an excelent oportunity for rich fishing experience.
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Residental Area Bilice Resort