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The Bilice Resort


Land is identified more and more as a precious asset that must be protected and used in appropriate manner.

The main intention of the design is to create a new housing neighbourhood that is strongly connected to its surroundings.

The basic assumption for the plan is twofold:

- On one hand to make individual villas in a suburban framework, spreading over the slopes of a sight overlooking the Prokljan Lake,

- On the other hand to develop an urban identity, which has been stated for this micro location.

The structural principle of the plan is hierarchical system of public and private spaces:

- Marina with resort entrance (check point)
- Two wide radial roads supplying residental streets
- Two urban promenades and
- Public coast with the main hotel.

In order to transcend the scale of the individual dwellings and rows of houses large residental complex was introduced. It is situated along the north edge of area in a coherent composition of two two-storeyed residental blocks with inner courtyard and roof terraces which are overlooking the Prokljan Lake.

Besides sleeping accomodation hotel provides also commercial and leisure services auch as restaurant, bar, wellness and spa, sport centres, bank, postal services, etc.
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