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The Bilice Resort


The Bilice Resort offers numerous sport and recreation activities such as:

- tennis
- mini golf
- cycling
- swimming
- sailing
- sport fishing
- water skiing
- scuba diving
- beach volley
- jogging
- ping - pong
- wellness and spa
- etc.


Inspired by the landscape, dwellings are a mixture of voids and open areas from which it is possible to contemplate the horizontal nature of the surroundings. Variations in angle, shape and depth respond to the feature of the site - to the topography, the stand of autochthon trees and the view of the Prokljan Lake. Different types of villas reflect the different qualities and features of the site.
Houses are oppened up by the surrounding streets and paved garden paths. By varying the placing of the houses, differences in their character and the garden arise.

Many houses have pools incorporated into the terraces. The water level, rather than being below the top of the pool walls, is leveled with them creating the illusion of the continuous surface as one looks over the pool to the lake.

The basic structure of the buildings are wrapped with several different materials used in the surrounding houses (stone, stucco, etc.). Such use of materials and surfaces recalls the past. These houses are warm and minimal, modern and local.
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